“Just A Bunch Of Baskets”

Welcome to internationally acclaimed basketmaker Billie Ruth Sudduth‘s website. For 38 years, she has created baskets to hold your interest and baskets to hold your objects.

The Process

Get a look into how Billie Ruth Sudduth creates her baskets and Carolina Snowflakes.
Drawing of a Nautilus Shell

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Learn more about Billie Ruth Sudduth and her career.
Drawing of a Nautilus Shell

The Process

Get a peek into the process of how Billie Ruth makes a basket or snowflake.
Drawing of a Nautilus Shell


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Billie Ruth Sudduth - 10/12/2021

Accomplished basket maker and beloved New Bern resident Billie Ruth Sudduth passed away on Oct. 12. Her legacy, however, lives on through the impact she had on those around her and her intricate exhibits that grace the halls of several museums. In her own words,”I think that my legacy is that I opened a new world for basket-makers by getting baskets off the floor and onto pedestals as art objects people want to collect like they collect glass and pottery, and that baskets are now seen in an entirely different light.”

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