14 Inch Calabash Clam Basket Variation

The 14 Inch Calabash Clam Basket Variation is a double bottom basket which is an original design. It is strong enough to carry your heaviest objects. The oak handle is carved on a shave horse using a draw knife. The walnut color is from crushed walnut hulls. The black color is made with iron oxide.

The material stays in a dyepot for a week and then goes into a salt, water, and vinegar bath for another week to set the color. Because this is a natural dye, it is as light fast and color fast as a dye can be. This basket will last for generations and is a museum quality basket.

The directional changes are using Fibonacci’s Nature Sequence and the Golden Ratio and are archimedes zigs and zags.. It is a two by two twill.

It measures 19″ high and 14″ diameter

The basket is named for the tiny seacoast village in Eastern North Carolina

I have been a basket maker for 34 years. Many of my baskets are in museums and other public collections including the Smithsonian Museum of American Art. In 1997 I was named a North Carolina Living Treasure, the state’s highest honor in the field of crafts.

All of my baskets are signed and dated and are shipped priority mail.


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