Black/Red Signature Basket

The Black/Red Signature Basket is cat’s head shaped and designed to sit balanced on its four feet or sit tilted on its side. It is hand shaped without the use of a mold. This basket is made to hold your interest rather than your objects. Dyed with henna, madder, and iron oxide dye with an overdye of crushed walnut hulls.

The dye process is two weeks. The material stays in the dyepot a week then goes into a salt, vinegar, and water bath for another week to set the color. These natural dyes are as lightfast and colorfast as a dye can be and are far superior to synthetic dyes.

I have been a basket maker for 34 years with baskets in many museum and private collections. I have kept a log of everyone who has purchased my work and would love to add you to my log.

Measures 11 inches high by approximately 15 inches in diameter. It is signed, dated, and numbered.

It is shipped priority mail with tracking.


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