Blue Ridge Wall Basket

The Blue Ridge Wall Basket is a plaited basket with several shade of blue, just like the Blue Ridge Mountains. Is is made to sit on a shelf or table or hang on the wall.

The carved oak handle is notched and woven into the rim of the basket so it is securely attached. I did my carving on a shave horse with a draw knife. The blues are various shades of indigo with an over wash of linseed oil and crushed walnut hull dye. I make all of my dyes in my studio.

This is my 34th year of basket making with several of my creations in permanent museum collections including the Smithsonian.

The basket is shipped priority mail with tracking. It is signed, dated, and numbered.

Measurements: 9 inches high by 9 inches wide by 7 inches deep.


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Photo of Billie Ruth Sudduth's Blue RIdge Wall Basket