Contemporary Cat’s Head Basket

This Contempoary Cat’s Head Basket is Japanese twill woven in a cat’s head shape. It will sit level on its four feet and also tilted on its side. The ears and face of the cat when the basket is upside down become the feet and the body of the basket when turned right side up..

The black is iron oxide dye which takes two weeks to achieve – a week in the dyepot and a week in a salt, vinegar, and water bath to set the color. The overdye is crushed walnut hull dye.

The basket is hand shaped without the use of a mold. The rim is carved on a shavehorse with a drawknife, then steam bent to achieve a perfectly round shape. It measures approximately 12 inches high by 16 inches in diameter.

Many of my baskets are in museum’s permanent collections including the Smithsonian. I have kept a log of everyone who has ever purchased my work over these past 34 years and would love to add your name to the log. My collectors are like family and very dear to me.

The basket comes signed, dated, and numbered. It is shipped priority mail with tracking.

In 1999, I described how to make the Contemporary Cat’s Head basket in my book Baskets – A Book for Makers and Collectors.


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