Fibonacci 8

Another name for the Fibonacci 8 basket is Crimson Tide, named for my Alma Mater. The design is created using numbers from Fibonacci’s Nature Sequence to create the archimedes spirals. Larger versions of this basket are in the Asheville, South Carolina, and Montgomery Museums of Art.

The red is henna and madder dyes. The material stays in the dye pot a week then into a salt, vinegar, and water bath another week to set the color. The over dye is crushed walnut hull stain. The rim is carved on a shave horse with a draw knife then steam bent to achieve a perfectly round shape.

The shape is a cat’s head, made to sit balanced on its four feet or tilted on its side.

The basket measures approximately13 inches high by 16 inches in diameter.

I am now in my 34th year of basket making with works in museums across the country. This basket, number 10495 comes signed and dated, shipped priority mail.

I have kept a log of everyone who has purchased my work and would love to add your name to my log!


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