Fibonacci Rising

Having spent a “first’ career as a school psychologist I dealt a lot with math and statistics. During that time, I discovered the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio.

When I began basket making 34 years ago, the Fibonacci numbers became a part of all of my work.

Fibonacci Rising is a cat’s head shaped basket made to sit on its four feet or tilted on its side. It is hand shaped without the use of a mold. Fibonacci numbers are used in the weave and in the archimedes spirals. The perfectly round rim is carved on a shave horse using a draw knife.

The red is a dye I make using henna and madder and the magic of my well water. It is a two week process – a week in the dye pot then a week in a salt, vinegar, and water solution to set the color. This natural vegetable dye is as light fast and color fast as a dye can be.

I am in my 34th year of basketmaking with many of my baskets in museum collections including the Smithsonian and the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

I have written three books on basket weaving and have influenced many basket makers around the globe. Baskets – A Book for Makers and Collectors has also been translated into German.

The basket measures 13 1/2 inches tall by 17 inches in diameter. It comes signed, dated, and numbered.


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