Fibonacci Too

Having spent my first career as a school psychologist, I dealt a lot with math and statistics. That career prepared me to meet Fibonacci and gain an understanding of the Golden Ratio and the Nature Sequence.

Fibonacci Too uses the numbers from Fibonacci’s Nature Sequence to create the spiral weave. The directional change is the Golden Ratio. The base is a herringbone twill.

The basket is a cat’s head, hand shaped without the use of a mold. It will sit balanced on its four feet or tilted on its side. The rim is carved on a shave horse with a draw knife. The weavers are dyed with iron oxide dye which takes two weeks to make, a week in the dye vat to obtain the rich black color and a week being rinsed in a salt, vinegar, and water bath to set the color.

The dye is as light fast and color fast as a dye can be.

Now in my 34th year of basket making, I am as passionate about weaving as when I made my first basket.

Several museums have Fibonacci baskets in their permanent collections including the Smithsonian and the Museum of Art and Design

This is the first Fibonacci Too I have created. It is shipped priority mail with tracking and is signed, dated, and numbered.

The basket measures approximately 13 inches high by 17 inches diameter.


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