Miss Scarlett

Miss Scarlett is a cat’s head shaped basket woven without the use of a mold. Upside down, the ears and face of the cat become the feet and the body of the basket. The basket sits level on its four “feet”. It has a carved oak handle that is woven into the rim of the basket. The rim is carved on a shave horse using a draw knife.

The red dye is henna and madder and takes two weeks to achieve – a week in the dye vat then a week in a salt, vinegar, and water solution to set the color. It is a natural dye that is as light fast and color fast as a dye can be. The magic of my well water is the secret ingredient in my dyes. The over dye is crushed walnut hull stain.

Now in my 34th year of basket making, I am probably the most experienced basket maker you will find on the web. Many of my baskets are in permanent collections in museums including the Smithsonian and the Museum of Art and Design.

The basket is shipped priority mail with tracking and is signed, dated, and numbered.

Miss Scarlett is 11 inches high, including the handle, by 13 inches wide by 6 inches deep.


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