Onion Basket


The Onion Basket is a twined basket made to hold onions. It can sit on a counter or hang on the wall. The open weave allows air to circulate around the onions which helps preserve them.

Other uses are for soap balls in a bathroom, a seashell collection, or simply as wall art.

It measures approximately 15 inches high by 9 to 11 inches diameter including the handle.

The basket is dyed in my walnut hull dye vat from locally collected walnuts. With age, the patina will become even more beautiful

Because this basket is handmade by me, no two will be exactly alike. It is one of the most popular baskets I make because of its functionality. The opening is wide enough for your hand to easily fit in to retrieve the onions..

The basket is usually shipped priority mail (East of the Mississippi) with tracking and is tagged and numbered

Now in my 38th year of basket making, I designed this basket and have been making it for 34 years.

The basket is available in black, red, walnut, and yellow colors.

I love onions.


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