Onion/Potato Basket

Potato Onion Basket in Walnut by Billie Ruth Sudduth

Onion Potato Basket in Walnut

Potato Onion Basket in Black by Billie Ruth Sudduth

Onion Potato Basket in Black


A large twined Onion Potato Basket made to hang on the wall. It measures approximately 18 inches tall including the handle and is 6-7 inches in diameter. It is a strong basket and could easily hold 3 pounds of onions or several large potatoes. The open weave allows air to circulate around the produce, keeping it fresher longer. The basket is hand shaped without the use of a mold. No two of my baskets are ever “exactly” alike.

Well into my 34th year of making baskets, this basket comes signed, dated, and numbered. I ship priority mail with tracking.

It is hand shaped and dyed with crushed walnut hull dye that I make every Spring.

Baskets love the humidity and moisture in a kitchen and the basket can be easily cleaned with a cool water rinse.

Because of the dimensions of this basket, shipping is slightly higher than for my other onion and garlic baskets.

This basket is also available in deep forest green and in black.


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