Penland Pottery Basket

Penland Pottery Basket in Black and Red by Billie Ruth Sudduth

Black & Red

Penland Pottery Basket in Walnut and Red by Billie Ruth Sudduth

Walnut & Red

Penland Pottery Basket in Walnut and Black by Billie Ruth Sudduth

Walnut & Black


Billie Ruth Sudduth’s Penland Pottery Basket is twined and braided and named in tribute to all the potters from Penland School, just over the ridge from my studio. The black is iron oxide and the red is henna and madder dyes. This original design is one of the most popular baskets I make.

The dye takes two weeks to make. The material stays in the dye pot for a week, then goes into a salt, vinegar, and water bath for another week to set the color. These dyes are far superior to regular household dyes.

There are three designs to select from: black with red, walnut with red, and walnut with black.

This is my 34th year of basketmaking during which time I have made over 10,000 baskets. I have kept a log over these 33 years of everyone who has purchased my work and would love to add your name to my log..

This basket is shipped priority mail with tracking and comes signed, dated, and numbered.

8 1/2″ high by 10″ diameter


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