Victorian Wall Basket

My Victorian Wall Basket is a sweet wall or pantry basket made in Victorian colors. It is made to hang on the wall or sit on a counter.

The handle is carved on a shave horse and is split oak. It is notched and woven into the rim of the basket so it is securely attached to the basket.

The basket measures 10 inches high by 9 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches deep.

I have access to a number of dye pots. The colors in this basket include burgundy, peach, green, mauve, blue and purple. It is over dyed with crushed walnut hull stain.

Ideas for use: store plastic bags, mail, gloves, or just your interest.

It is shipped priority mail with tracking and is signed, dated, and numbered.


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Billie Ruth Sudduth's Victorian Wall Basket

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